Why do I want my children to play sports?


basketball , volleyball , and softball <3:

Ever since I decided to be a mother, I knew that I would expose my children to sports and extra curricular activities.  Growing up in Puerto Rico I did not have the opportunities children have in the United States.  At the young age of 5, my son started playing baseball and soccer.  Later on  he was introduced to swimming and basketball…and then he made the decision of staying with baseball.  The same is to be said about my daughter, she was introduced to soccer and swimming…and she discovered her school choir…and she chose choir.

Why do I think its important for my children to play sports? For many reasons…it keeps them active, busy, they get to compete, the make new friends, the learn to deal with stress young, they are more self-conscious about heathy habits and it’s always FUN.

Think about it!  How stressful is the school week for your children? How much homework do the get on a daily basis? How much time are they allowed to spend with their peers at school? Socializing is important to become a well-round adult.  Exposing children to children from all backgrounds will make them appreciate what they have at home, understand certain behaviors, etc…it’s a win-win situation.

Playing sports can be very expensive, but, I know that in every county in the US,  you can find a recreation department. So go to your local recreation department and find out what sports they are offering for children’s age. The recreation department also offer summer camps, which will give your child something to do during the summer.  Some camps do have a fee and others are at no cost.

My children are teenagers now, and trust me when I tell you that playing sports and participating in extra curricular activities make a difference. My children are very well-behaved, they are OK around people and they have no issues getting along with others. I’m telling you, is a win-win deal!

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