What blogging means to me.


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I have to tell you, I blog for fun and because I spend a lot of time alone and writing helps me ease my mind. I read a lot too, I like to read bloggers that write about recipes, family and adventures in general.  Every now and then I get some cash for blogging or a free product for review purposes, perhaps not as much as I would like, but that is OK.

Blogging can be very stressful if you allow yourself to feel the pressure of competing for attention, in reality, in order to get cash for your blogs you must have followers, and you have to maintain those followers engaged with your posts. I do not like to stress about something that I created to help me deal with stress, so I plan on staying true to myself.

I have read a lot about writer’s block, I know what it is, and when that happens I just shut down my computer and invest in some new adventures, or go for a ride, I mean anything to get my mind at ease and my writing juice flowing.  Blogging is the only way of income for some people, so they invest hours every day making sure their blogs are where they need to be, so sponsors can continue sponsoring their posts.

At the end of the day, do what you want, do what makes you happy. Life is super stressful as it is, adding some extra stress in something that should be fun is not the way to go, just keep that in mind and happy blogging y’all!


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