What a Great Weekend…

It was Memorial Weekend, a day to remember all those who pay the last sacrifice so we can all enjoy our way of life, our freedom. It was also my birthday weekend!  I am so blessed, I celebrated my birthday with people who I love, that makes me smile and laugh. Family and friends mean a lot to me, and although the majority of my family is in Puerto Rico, thanks to technology and social media, I feel them very close to me, here in SC.

Here are some photos we took of my super good weekend…

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It was the best weekend I’ve had in quite some time.  Birthday celebrations are very important to me. Birthday’s are the only day that you get to be celebrated individually, so why not celebrate as big as you want?  For me is all about togetherness, laughter, good food, lots of family and friends and pictures.  Pictures to remember how special that day was…I am blessed, I celebrate others and I do enjoy when others celebrate me on my special day.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort or money to make someone feel special on their birthday, it takes only a few seconds of your day to send a message, to give a hug, to give a kiss, or to share a joke…make it happen! Celebrate the people you love on their special day.


Latin Mama in the South         18739707_1368616789880921_8549778253268020487_n

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