What a busy week…

WOW, last week was my first week of school and it was also the planning phase for my daughter’s birthday and the driving and watching of my son’s All Star Baseball games. It was super busy and to be honest stressful and annoying at times. Needless to say that all the killings taking place recently got me in a funk. But, I do not want to stain this post with those things.


Monday I spent all day with school work.  My plan is to tackle assignments and class discussions as soon as possible and that, this past week, proved to be a smart choice.  Yes, I have to check my classroom pages, at least, once a week, but doing all the work early in the week allows me to keep on with my busy life. It worked beautifully! I even managed to get my study guide completed for one of the classes and I am almost done with the study guide for the second class.

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Spending all day long at the baseball field this past week was not fun…it was not fun because the coach of that particular team was so disorganized we did not know when the tournament’s start day until the night before.  I was so angry!!! I had to do so much for my daughter’s birthday…and the start dates were such short noticed my husband couldn’t take off work that Thursday…so, I spent all day at the field…I got so sunburned…I am DARKER than EVER!!!  Needless to say, my son played great, but his team did not do good at all (I am being so honest…please understand that my son plays travel ball and this was a Recreation Department Team…so the kids were not as skilled).  Glad that is over!


Friday, I started in the kitchen at 10AM….and I finished by 11PM. Yes, it was an all day ordeal!!! I decided to make my daughter’s cake and cup cakes…all from scratch including the frosting.  That was time-consuming because it was the first time for me. I did baked my son’s birthday cake, but it was someone else’s idea on Pinterest…my daughters’ was all me.  I had to make the banner, all hand-made, I guess it started with wanting to save some $$$…then at the end it was a challenge to see if I could put it off…I even made them some photo booths…it was a LOT of WORK…and had me thinking very hard…I am 42….not 20!!!


At the end, everything turned out great!  The girls arrived and they all love it…we ended up adding two additional girls last minute…they had a good time and my girl was happy.  So, it was all worth it at the end. Here are some of the pictures from my baby girls birthday.

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