Up all night, Sleep all day…


This is exactly how it feels to be a "night person" instead of a "morning person".   I'm always wanting to get up early so I can use morning lighting for photographs...but I can never drag myself out of bed...for this very reason.:

One the nightmares I deal with every summer is my children’s sleeping schedule.  Yes, they are teenagers, and yes I do regulate when they go to bed during the school year.  Now, ever since they were small children, I allowed them to sleep late and sleep in during the school break. 

Now that they are teenagers, their schedules have become my worst nightmare.  I am perfectly OK, with then staying up till 1AM and I am OK with the sleeping till noon.  The problem is, they take it to the extreme!!! They stay up all night, and sleep all day.  Why do I have a problem with that? 

I have a problem with the kids sleeping scheduled because is not functional.  They are not living a healthy and fun life…they are sleeping their best years away.  I can talk to them about it, and they nod their heads, they say they are doing what every teenager does.  I know that’s not true!!! Anyways…the problem is with my one child who does not think that being awake and mingling with the living world is important!!!

At least one of children do get up and do some outside activity…he does not argue about it…he does what he needs to keep the peace in the household…the other one is as stubborn as they come, and although I love her more than anyone can imagine…she pushed me to the limit…I have no control over her…and she has made me questioned the joys of motherhood.

How do you make your children go to sleep and get up at a decent time without creating havoc in the household? 

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