Trying to see the “Brighter” side of life


Hope and inspiration:

I have to check myself last night, I am so fed up with all the protests and all the media about the Black Lives Matter, and the Dallas Police Shootings, and the Police brutality….enough is enough!  I am overwhelmed with the fact that the protests are too close to home, last night in Memphis, although peaceful…the protestors blocked a main highway for hours.  That is against the law! That really pissed me off…what if there was someone trying to reach a hospital, what if there was someone coming home from work to spend some time with their families? All the What ifs…So, I was in a dark place last night, it kept me up all night.

Hope and inspiration:

So, I decided that I will surround myself by positive thoughts…so before I start doing my school work, I browse Pinterest and found some of my favorite sayings and quotes, and I wanted to share with you all.

C’mon get happy with a bright floral themed print!:

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