This Month is Pure Madness

This month is rolling and with it comes all the moving issues.  A lot is happening!  Starting with meeting realtors and moving companies representatives, to throwing things away, to cleaning and mending some things in the house we have to sell, and of course my grad studies, that cannot be put on hold while we move from one state to another.

This is just the beginning of the stress, we are all so ready to move, we just want to get this over with.  We are closing on a house soon, then we have to put this house in the market, get the moving company to pack all of our stuff, then figure out the best way to transport a dog a three cats to their new place.

Once we are all in the same state I think things will go a lot smoother.  Then we will have to pray and hope that the house in Mississippi sells quickly.  Once the house in MS sells, I think we can actually start breathing normal and start getting use to be being back home.

I plan on seeking employment right away, mainly because  I am tired of being at home.  But, we have to wait and see if I get any job offers or if the Lord just want me to stay at home (I hope not!).

Grad school is quite complicated this days, I am taking two classes that require a lot of research, and although I have manage to keep an A in both classes, I can feel the pressure.  I am working in containing the stress, because as you all know, I suffer from psoriasis and that disease feed from stress.  One funny thing about school is that I have the smartest husband in the whole wide world, my man deals with the issues I am studying on a daily basis, so when we have our conversations, every now and then, he will mention a situation at work, and I immediately apply it to school, it’s very helpful.  Also, if there is a concept I am struggling with, he has a way of simplifying the issue, is not even funny.  Blessed to have him!

The one awesome thing is that we are moving to a place we are familiar with, so we know what to expect and we know where to go to get things started.  I cannot wait to see my friends, and the kids friends and to start our new journey.  To think that the mountains and the beach are less than three hours away…again, I am blessed!

So, there you have it, those are the reasons I have been neglecting my blog, but needless to say that I will be back with a vengeance one I am settled in beautiful South Carolina.


Latin Mama in the South


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