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The wait…who knew that waiting for some processes could be so stressful? Closing on a house, putting a house in the market, moving companies surveys, applying for jobs, you name it, I am dealing with all of it…and my Grad School courses too.  A bit overwhelming! I’ve never like that “hurry up and wait” approach to things, but life has a way to impose those type of approaches at times.

I need to get in the garage, to organize and throw and give away some things we don’t want to carry back to SC.  I would like to make some money, but the hubs has a dislike for yard sales that is out of this world, so, more likely the Goodwill will be receiving a load soon.  It’s amazing all the crap that we accumulate throughout the years, somethings do have a sentimental value, but come on, let’s face it…How long am I supposed to keep the crafts my kids did when they were in Kindergarten?  They are 14 and 15 years old!!! So, they laughed at me and then gave me the OK to get rid of those crafts they made a long time ago!!!!

Then, when I stop thinking about all the chaos ahead of me…I think about the fact that we will drive to SC…then come back to MS…so I can go to Bon Jovi’s concert…SMH!  You see, when I bought the tickets, our plan was to move during the summer, so I was playing it safe, comes to find out that I do not want to be separated from my husband for all those weeks, so I decided to move in March…before the concert…so…that is that (one of the reason’s I don’t believe/like in planning things).  But, I will make the drive…because seeing Bon Jovi is probably the first thing listed in my bucket list.

Once in SC, the unpacking…Lord knows how much I hate that! But, this time is going to be a very slow process…I will make sure things are organized and placed in their final destinations from the get go!  I have my dear friend helping me unpack, so it should be some sort of fun.  I can see ourselves talking the whole time and doing very little unpacking, and that is OK, because I sure miss her this past two years.

That is what’s occupying my head nowadays.  School is testing me a little more than I anticipated, I am hoping that the issue is just with one particular professor, and not a sample of what’s coming ahead.  Debating whether to slow it down and take only one classes next quarter…but then it would take longer for me to finish, so more likely I will stick with two classes…have 8 more classes to go…so let’s man up and finish this new journey strong!

Say a little prayer for me, I need to remain sane this next month…


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