Thankful for Mississippi

Did you know that Mississippi is a very friendly state?  I did not expect it to be that way when I move to Southaven, MS two and half years ago.  It has been quite an experience.  We, as a family, stayed pretty much for ourselves, I think that deep in my heart I knew this MS living was not a permanent one.  We met really amazing people who I will treasure forever in my heart.  Candance, Tinisha, Sherrie, Sky, Mikayla, Miya, Amber, and a couple more are some ladies that taught me so much in so little time.  I love them and I hope and pray that we can see each other again.

Living in Mississippi had some challenges.  No matter how hard Jason and I tried, we could not make our son 100% happy.  He hurt when we move away from South Carolina, and although he tried to mingle with people in MS, he was not happy.  Our son is a kind-hearted kind of guy, he wears his heart on his sleeves, and he is all about family and creating happy times for everyone.  Nothing makes him happier than seeing people happy.  Moving to SC is the best news that child has received in quite a while!

On the other hand, we are crushing our baby girls heart.  You see, she thrived in MS.  She met some of the most amazing people anyone would want to have as friends. Her besties Sky and Mikayla are two of those amazing girls she met.  The thought of not seeing them again brings tears to her eyes.  Keeping in touch is very important, and that is a promise her daddy and I made to her.  The school she attends is the best school in the entire states, academically speaking is an amazing place, and let me not forget the facilities, which are just amazing.  Moving to SC is not something she wants to do, but, she understands there was no other choice.  I fear that taking her to a school that is not as academically challenging as the one she attends now, will create issues in her life, but I pray the Lord that she will conquer it and move on.  Two more years, that is all she has left in school, I believe she will do great!

Mississippi I will miss your sunsets, your agricultural lands, your sounds and your smells.  I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to live in such a charming place.  Mississippi has a lot of bad history, but after living here and mingling with Mississippians and Tennesseans, I have to say, the people are totally amazing!  I will miss the people the most.

You have alot in common with the moon , it's light, it's beauty and it's distance from me . Nizar Qabbani:
Mississippi Sunset

Moving back to SC means a lot to me, as a mom.  I am finally at ease because I am taking my son back to his home, the place where he belongs.  It means that I get to see some dear friends, well, they are family to me, not just friends.  It means the ocean is nearby, the mountains are nearby, the food is amazing, small town living at its best.  It means that my husband can be close to his family, and I am pretty sure he is excited about that.  It also means that my hubs do not have to drive 1 hour and 15 minutes each way going and coming from work, it will take him a good 10-15 minutes…and that free some time for him to hang out with his children and obviously with me 🙂

Beautiful sky over Elgin, SC:
SC greenery that I miss and love

Mississippi will forever be in my heart, just as Virginia, Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina…but I am going home…and we all know…there is no place like home!

South Carolina: Facts, Map and State Symbols - The 8th State to enter the Union.:


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