Heres To Coffee And Fridays:

Hello fellow bloggers, it is finally Friday!!!!

What is your weekend looking like?  For us, is a baseball weekend.  We have a tournament that starts today at 8 o’clock tonight and it goes on all weekend.  Is the last tournament of the Fall season.  I know my baseball player is super excited and ready to play ball.

This morning I woke up to a COOL morning.  At 6:30 AM I walked my Lucky, and it was quite chilly.  It looks like the entire weekend is going to be super comfortable weather wise and we are more than ready to take on those cooler temperatures.

Saturday is a tough day for us, our daughter has a choir performance in another town, a couple of hours away from us, and she decided she did not want any companion from her parents!!!  So, she is going SOLO…well, with the rest of the choir, but no parents.  I trust my kiddo and I know she is going to be OK.  However she is schedule to get back at the same time her brother is playing a game. That means that daddy and mama will have to split to get the kids, I hate when that happen, but, we all know there is always a chance we’ll have to deal with overlapping schedules.

Sunday is more baseball and more family time.  I feel that I am blessed beyond belief, being able to cater to my children is something that makes me truly happy.  It can be heck it, but I wouldn’t trade it for the word.  I am a mother first and my duty is with my Janie and my JJ.  They know it and they do take advantage of it, but they also show me love and appreciation more times than not.  The are crazy about their mama even when mama is in a fussy kind of mood.

That is my weekend people, what do you have going on? Anything worth sharing? I like to read your responses, so feel free to leave me a comment 🙂


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