Strayer Update

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do some with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.:

During the Summer I made the spontaneous decision to enroll at Strayer University to pursue my Masters Degree.  Things went smooth…too smooth! So, July 5, 2016, I started my two online classes and I was loving it.  July 15, the institution withdrew the classes. I was in complete freak-out mode!  Come to find out, my University in PR did not send the transcripts on time.  It took PR an extra week to submit the transcripts.  So, I was disappointed, and I contemplated giving up…but, I am not one that gives up.

It took me a while to decide to go for my Masters Degree, and I finally had the guts to choose a path and I attempt to complete it.  I started prepping everything for Fall Semester, so I can go back and take those two classes I was enrolled in the summer. Then Strayer decided to charge me for those classes…I fought for a couple of weeks to no avail! I still have to pay for those two classes, I have payment plan, and I am looking forward putting all this mess behind me.

Classes start back up on October 3, and I am eager to start and go past that two-week period, so I can rest at peace knowing that nothing else will happen this second time around. While dealing with Strayer, I was extremely disappointed with the staff in Memphis, Tennessee.  I was pleasantly surprised by a staff member in Greenville, SC and Washington, DC who at least responded quickly and attempted to help the best they could.

I never take employees for granted, I am always thankful and respectful for those people working to assist others with their needs. Having said that, if you are holding a job, that is designed to assist others, I do expect a lot from you.  In return you will earn a salary and you will have my respects! Thousand Oaks Campus need to revamp their staff and educate them in email and communication etiquette.

Now I plan on moving on, and give this journey my all. I am eager to learn, I want to be great at the new profession I am choosing.  I want to climb that ladder again, I want to get to the top based on my brain and whole persona. I do not want any freebies and I do not want to be easily replaced.  That is the reason I decided to reinvent myself…at the young age of 42.  If nothing else, at least I can set a good example to my children, to never give up, to go after what they want and to try hard all the time no matter what they chose to do.


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