Stanford Rapist Brock Turner…


"Similar to murder, rape is a reprehensible crime, that leaves a body defiled. But rape victims are not like murder victims; they live & relive the event. Worse yet, rape victims can never leave the scene of the crime.":

Once again I feel like voicing my opinion about a criminal who was sentenced to only 6 months in jail after raping a woman.  Guess what? He is a white boy!!!!  I can’t help but wonder if he was black or Hispanic? I can’t help but wonder what the hell was that judge thinking? How do you feel about it?

I was once a young woman, in college, partying and drinking (never to the point of making myself sick) and I wore super sexy clothes ALL THE TIME…and I was never raped (thank God)…but, I can’t help but to imagine how the victim felt.  How is she doing? Is she able to sleep at night? What about her family? I also happen to have a daughter…who will be attending college in a few years…the thought of that happening to her makes my stomach turn.

Yet, apparently for the judge…6 months of jail were enough to pay for the crime he committed.  I wonder if the sentence would’ve been the same if the woman raped was Judge Persky’s own daughter?

Regardless of whether the victim drank too much or not…she was too intoxicated to give consent.  Why is that so hard to understand?  According to the grad students, who tackled the white rapist, the victim was unconscious….they witnessed as the white rapist “aggressively thrusted his hips into her”….HE RAPED HER…and he only got 6 months….how can that be?

Justice was not served…the white rapist will be able to put all of it behind while the victim will be damaged forever.  I believe that Judge Perkins should be removed from the bench.  As a matter of fact there is a petition going around, so if you think justice was not served, please sign the petition, I did.  Below is the link, just click on it and sign the petition to have Judge Perky removed from the bench.


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