Spirits Week

On this amazing Wednesday I am loving life to the fullest.  Finally, for the first time, my daughter decided to participate of Spirit Week at DeSoto Central High School.  It’s been a joy to see her become creative with her friends, making up things to accommodate the given theme.

Yesterday was twin day


Today is wilderness day


I have been begging her for years to do it because its fun. Well, finally this morning she admitted that it was super fun.  When she comes home from school she looks on Instagram to see all the pictures of the students who decided to take part in Spirits Week.  I believe that my girl was convinced by her English teacher, who offered extra credit to the students who participate. My girl has a 99 in that class, so she wants that extra credit to make it a 100.

I have no idea what is happening tomorrow.  All I know is that Homecoming is Friday and all the girls are getting all dressed up.  My girl has her outfit picked!  If you knew my girl, you will realized that she doesn’t really wear dresses, she love her jeans and converse.  But, this Friday she will be wearing a cute dress and she is thrilled about it. I am such a happy mom, I love when the kids take part in the fun things school has to offer.

Go Jaguars!!!

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