Blessed!!! Well, our house in Mississippi was in the market, and showings began immediately.  This one individual was really taken away with the beautiful home, the location, and how close it was to all the shopping and restaurants in the area without losing that country feeling.  Well, an offer was made, pretty darn close to what we were asking for, and we accepted the offer.  So, literally, the house was on the market for less than a month!!! Are we blessed or what?

So, yesterday was the closing date (closing time was around 50 days due to the buyer having to travel overseas), and this morning I woke up so refreshed!  I mean, who liked having two mortgages, right!  I believe that the Lord looked after us with this house deal, I mean we are good people, we don’t envy anyone, we love when people are blessed with comfort, and the things they like, need or want.  We have never look at someone wishing we had what they have!!! We just like to be happy for others, and love to work hard for what we want.  We are not church-going people, but we believe in GOD and we try to live a well-balanced life with Christ in our hearts. I think that is the main reason we continue to receive so many blessings.  Don’t get me wrong we have had our great deal of problems, but we faced those problems with grace, and we continue living life the best we could.

So, I am sharing my happiness with you. If you feel that sometimes things don’t go the way you plan them, take a step back, re-evaluate, make changes if necessary and have a little faith.  After all, things do not happen in our time…they happen on HIS time.


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