Random Thoughts Tuesday


Happy Tuesday! Have a great day everyone.:

Random Thoughts Tuesday is about the craziness that goes on inside my head.  Is a way to write out loud what the voices inside my head are hammering inside me.

  1. The Presidential Debate was a big fiasco. Trump made a fool of himself (well, that is nothing new) and although Hillary was well prepares, she appeared to be under the influence of medication…not sure how I feel about the candidates…as of today I am thinking Hillary, I just have to wait for the next two debates to make a final decision.
  2. The weather changed dramatically here in Mississippi. Glad to see the hot temperatures go away, but, as soon as it cools off my psoriasis starts acting up. Resisting the URGE to scratch, which would only spread the flares and make things a LOT worst.
  3. CBS This Morning is one of my favorite things to watch in the AM.
  4. I love this time of the year, FALL is my favorite season, I love the changing of the leaves, the cool temperatures, and the activities available for the family, like, pumpkin carving, haunted houses, Thanksgiving gathering, etc.
  5. Need to figure out how to make better choices for dinner, love to cook, but not healthy food!  I need to learn to cook healthy meals to feed my family.  It’s a real challenge!!! Thank God Pinterest and the blogger world do have great places where to find new and healthy recipes.
  6. Frustrated with all the protests about police shootings and terrorist attacks in the USA. Makes want to move out of the country, perhaps to Canada…that’s an idea!
  7. Kind of regretting buying tickets to go to PR this Christmas.  I will miss decorating my house, for what sees the last December we’ll be in MS.  I am also super worried about ZIKA. So far most of my family have been infected with the illness, I don’t fear much for me, but it freaks me out because of my husband and kids. Thank God I purchase insurance for the tickets, if the gut feeling doesn’t go away, I will end up cancelling the trip.
  8. Longing for peace around, like, so tired of all the bad things happening in the world, all the bad news the media constantly hammer on…wishing there was a balance in what the new report between all the bad and all the good that happens on a daily basis.
  9. Kids are happy which make me super happy.  They are doing their thing, and they are not super stress out about life, which I think is GREAT.  Let the children be children as much as they can…
  10. Loving how much closer my hubs and I are, love spending time with him. Exploring new things and communicating with him, he is a good listener and the better half.

End of the randomness…

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