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So much to do and no desire to do anything!!! That is exactly how I am feeling today…well, not only today…lately.  I feel trap in a bubble, the bubble is inside my head.  Changes are coming, again, and although I am happy for that, what happens in between is not something I am looking forward to.  At least school is going good, I have about 4 weeks left of this trimester, then a trip to Puerto Rico to spend Christmas with family, something I am looking forward to.

Thanksgiving is less than a week from today, getting the menu ready has proven to be a bit challenging.  Everybody wants a different dessert, that would be like 4 desserts on top of whatever else I will cook.  I mean, I don’t even know why we purchased a 20 pound turkey for a family of four…sick, right!  I guess we’ll be eating turkey for a good while. I know I have to make mac & cheese for Janie and hash-brown casserole for Jason, deviled eggs for JJ…and arroz con gandules for me. I should leave it at that, but then we miss the traditional potato salad, green bean casserole…etc. So, I want to be smart this year and just cook a good meal without over doing it, so we’ll see what I decide to do.

Yesterday was a sad day, still sad today, a lovely lady I worked with at my last job got killed.  She was working a second job to get some extra money to help some families in need. She was delivering pizza for Domino’s…while delivering a pizza it appears that a bullet found her…she died.  She leaves three children mother-less and I cannot even begin to imagine how one deals with such a tragic event during the holidays. Mia was a great human, genuine, smart, kind, loving, her smile would light up an entire room, she was a special god-loving person. She really was special, maybe that is the reason why God took her, maybe He needed her in Heaven.  Maybe God did not want her suffering in this cruel world.  It’s very hard to even attempt to understand why things like that happen to good people, is best not to questions the reason’s God had to take her so early, is best to accept that she is in a paradise walking among angels.  RIP Mia…you will be missed.

Last night I went to bed with a plan in my head, today I woke up with no desire to do anything.  I still pushed myself out of the bed, and intend to accomplish some of the things I had planned.  I know I won’t get all done, but at least something will get done. Kids are our of school all week next week and they are super excited about it. Me on the other hand, not so much, that means I have to stock on groceries on top of the groceries for Thanksgiving. Little do they know they will be in the kitchen, cooking beside me this Thanksgiving.

Well, that is all the ramblings I want to share today, I have plenty more inside my head, but I will keep those for another day.

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