Pokémon Go…Have you try it?


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Let me tell you something…my children have been having conversations about Pokémon for years. I never understood the phenomenon, but they ask for Pokémon books, games, etc and we provided.  Now, the tables have turned…I am so hooked!!! I have been driving around looking for Pokémons with my children and my hubby…and we really enjoy it!  The thing I like the most, is the togetherness.  It actually get the kids out of their “dungeons” and for me…that is priceless.

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Yesterday I decided to visit a park with my son, to look for Pokémon. We loved it, we got out of the car, walked around, saw other teenagers and young adults doing the same thing…we were minding our own business and we were having fun.  When we got home, we talked about it, we giggled about the silliness of the app, and we realized we just like it!

Many people are criticizing the app, it does have some glitches…in our case, it seems that around 5PM is when we start having issues.  The app freezes and then it takes a while for it to come back, pretty annoying to be honest with you, but been that it’s a fairly new app and that they were not expecting to get such demand, I think it works pretty good.  I know they will have to make some adjustments to make it run smoother, but for the time been, its fun.

My experience with Pokémon Go thus far.:


I have seem mothers driving their young children to the park, and those little hands holding their smart phones while they locate the “blue boxes”, while they search for Pokémon’s in the area…I mean granted, I don’t think children below 12 should have smart phones, but that is each parents decision.  Pokémon Go is getting families together, families are enjoying the outdoors.  I can see that it can become dangerous if ones becomes reckless, like playing while driving, that is a big NO!

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Today I am excited cause I have an awesome Pokémon!!! I have a Vaporeon

13718595_1041975552545048_8571992644737308102_n[1]It’s my strongest Pokémon, soon I’ll be able to battle (I don’t even know what it means, but I am sure my kids will explain when the time comes). Anyways, just letting you moms out there know, it is OK, as long as you supervise. Do not let your kids wandering around on their own, there are bad people out there waiting for the perfect opportunity to cause trouble.


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