Never imagined that I would live long enough to hear the Puerto Rico national anthem in an Olympics game. Well, I did…and as though as I am…I could not hold my tears…I was sobbing!!!!  Yes, we have plenty of great athletes in the island…what we do not have is the funding to provide those athletes the proper equipment to improve their skill.  What we do have is plenty of government officials stealing money from the people to better themselves.

Monica Puig, ranked #34…became the first gold medalist in Puerto Rico’s history. No one expected her to win, not a lot of people knew who she was until she started eliminating players at the Olympics.  Well, she is a 22-year-old Puerto Rican who trained hard and work hard and won the gold.  Monica Puig is also a very humble girl, who is proud of where she comes from. She gave Puerto Ricans hope again…with the economic crisis going on in the island, Monica Puig’s win has helped unified the place, people are happy, proud and believing again.

Monica Puig won Puerto Rico's first gold medal, ending a drought that began in 1948. Here, she returns a shot against Angelique Kerber of Germany during their women's singles gold medal match in Rio de Janeiro Saturday.

My son was staring at me, he could not comprehend why I was so emotional about hearing the PR national anthem.  I looked at him, paused for a second, and realized…he has been hearing the US national anthem at the Olympics since he started watching the Olympics.  Therefore, it was nothing new for him, he is used to US winning gold. I composed myself and explained what it meant to me, why I could not hold my tears, why I was screaming…it was pure joy and pride.  I told him that even though PR is a tiny island, Puerto Ricans are people with a big heart, they never quit and it was about time something good happened to one of them.  Her triumph is a triumph for all Puerto Ricans all over the world. Puerto Rican pride…our hearts are filled with joy and endless possibilities…thank you Monica!!!!  #PicaPower

Monica Puig of Puerto Rico reacts after defeating Angelique Kerber of Germany in the women's singles gold medal match at the Rio Summer Olympics.

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