Oooppssss…I almost forgot!!!


Because she was safely in his pocket and she LOVED LOVED LOVED that.:

Good God Almighty, with all the craziness going on with baseball and the kid’s birthday coming up…I almost forgot my 15th wedding anniversary is just a few days away.  So, here I am scrambling about what to gift my love.  I like personalized gifts, but I am too late to order anything online.  More likely I will have to do a “DIY” project.

I’ve been with my man for 15 years, and although he is AMAZING, is really difficult to buy for him. He hates gifts, although he loves gifting.  If he needs/wants anything he goes and buy it himself. So buying something is not a good idea, because chances are he is not going to like it.

So, I have an idea…I just have to go to the craft store (a foreign place for me) and see if I can find the things to make it.  It’s something we should’ve done a long time ago, but neither him nor I care much about silly things.  But, been that I almost forgot and I am running our of time…silly will have to do.  I know he’ll like it!

It’s amazing the things that you live through in 15 years, is more amazing that we chose to love those crazy things together…we fight and we fight and we compromise and we again for our togetherness.  We knew it was not going to be easy.  After all, we are two people from two different worlds.  It makes you wonder how we have made it work…pretty simple…one thing we firmly believe in its FAMILY.  Our love will conquer all…true…but it will never be possible without having the commitment to stay together.  Love, anyone can love, but not everybody is willing to do the work that it takes in a relationship.

So…off to the crafty store I go!!!!

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