My Paparazzi Addiction

What can I say? I am loving Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories so much, is like an addiction.  I am addicted to five dollar jewelry. The more I buy with the intention to sell, the more I buy for my personal use…Guilty! See these beauties below…just five dollars!!! I think my Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories addiction is justified!

2016_1Image1_1 2022_P2RE-BNBN-017XX(01) 2038_1Mainimage-White-BBN_1 22150_1image1-black-2-76_1 22281_1Image3-Copper-19-253_1 22322_1Mainimage-bRASS-6-2_1 22526_1image1-black-20-874_1 23058_1Mainimage-red-9-405_1 23837_1image1-brass-19-195_1 24123_1image1-brass-18-186_1 24177_1Mainimage-Brass-18-127_1 (1) 24362_1image1-brass-20-41_1 24387_1Mainimage-brass-18-237-2_1 24592_1Mainimage-Silver-19-244_1 (1) 24876_1image1-red-9-711_1


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