My New Orleans’ Experience


WOW!!! What an amazing weekend away!  Last Thursday we started driving early in the morning…destination…New Orleans!!!  It was a 6-hour drive!!! I did the driving, I like to be in control of the car, especially my car.  We stopped once for breakfast at the Waffle House and once just to get me a new pair of sunglasses at Walmart (mine were all scratched up-reason why I buy cheap glasses).

We arrived at New Orleans…and we felt the uncomfortable rush of the city.  I have mixed feelings about the place.  It was so crowded plus they are still working on the roads and buildings near Bourbon Street. I decided to spend one night near the action so we stayed at Dauphine Hotel situated in French Quarter.

IMG_6011    13443171_1024497700959500_2050849917206549557_o 13412052_1024497457626191_1156071753459438362_o 13415503_1024497584292845_4026924986060318783_o

13433248_1024503337625603_5631836759544604968_o 13442714_1024497314292872_3153833778293889173_o 13412048_1024497707626166_19193726308168901_o IMG_6078 IMG_5988The hotel was very charming and the staff was phenomenal.  We stayed in that hotel just one night, while we explored Bourbon Street and the rest of the area…the idea was to see if we liked the area enough to spend two nights…that did not happen!!! The hotel is in an ideal location if you are into the New Orleans crowds and atmosphere.


We walked and walked and we even decide to try a ghost tour (don’t do it, is not worth the money).  While on Bourbon Street, my son experienced some things for the first time…keep in mind he is just about to turn 14!!! From boobs for beads, to strippers, to naked woman walking, he saw it all…I am not going to lie, as a mother I was worried, but when I saw that he just took it as a joke I was OK. If you want to see the weirdest of the weird in people, just go to Bourbon Street.


While there we decide to dine at the Oceana Restaurant where I tasted alligator for the first time…and I can say…that for me…the flavor is a mix between chicken and frog legs. The alligator bites were good, and they serve it with some delicious spicy sauce.  It was a good meal.  I also decided to hit the bar with my husband for a few cocktails, one of them complimentary…yes! the hotel gave us a free cocktail.  We opted for Hurricanes, and they were so refreshing…mind you the heat index was a 99 whooping degrees!!!


13443159_1024505617625375_8777071427242982467_oThe city has a unique character that’s for sure!  Like everywhere in the world, it has great things like their cuisine, music and arts…and on the other hand it has the drunks, homelessness, the nasty smell of urine in the streets…and other things.



The entire city is a supporter of LGBTQ community, and in lie of the events that took place in Orlando, the city was showing its support hanging flags from the balconies.


There was so much to see, we did not see it all.  Going on trips like this with teenagers is not always fun, but as a mother, I firmly believe I do not have to worry about my children wanting to explore the famous Bourbon Street ever again…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!   Daddy and I, on the other hand, may escape by ourselves one of these days.


We only stayed one night, then we decided to explore other areas not near the city.  We explored Oak Alley Plantation and Whitney Plantation.  From there we decided to drive to Natchez where we spent our last night.  I will write and share additional pictures of Natchez as well as the plantations and Vicksburg later on this week.  The pictures I added to this post are randomly posted, they reflect a little of our adventure in Louisiana. I hope you enjoy watching the pictures as much as I did taking them.

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