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It's a new day! Time to go unpack at the new office:

So much to do…and no desire or energy to do it!  I woke up at 9AM today, with the idea of going for a walk, then work on my flower beds, then work on the back patio….and as soon as I got out of the bed, check the temperature and it was already 100 degrees….so my plans…out of the window.

Is unrealistic how hot it has been this summer!  I don’t mind sweating when I am working, but when I struggle to catch my breath cause it’s too hot outside, oh heck no, I would not be going outside!  Instead I did a little bit of chores inside the house and now I am watching “Fixer Upper” and so love the show.  People that “know how” to rebuild, be creative should do it more often.  I am not like that, I do have my moments, but rarely.

Dinner is already in the crock-pot, today we are having Pot Roast, my hubby’s favorite. So, the day promises to be a boring one. I could go shopping, but really don’t want to spend my honey’s money on trivial things.  Still waiting to see where destiny is taking us next.  Flirting with South Carolina, as much as I dislike it when I was there, I do miss the proximity of the ocean and the mountains.  I do miss my dear friends, and I miss the charm of the town I lived in. Then, on the other hand, I do love my house and my neighborhood in Mississippi.  I like how we are close to shopping and that the kids are doing their thing.  But, I cannot call it “home” for some weird reason…

We’ll just have to wait and see…is really not in our hands yet.  In a couple of months if nothing happens, then we can make our decisions without considering other things.  We just have to be patient and wait for the Lord to show us the way.  He knows best!

That is my currently..what are you up to?

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