A Lot Sooner Than We Anticipated…

My husband is the best!!! He is not only smart and kind, he is a hustler…and even though he has a job larger than life, he makes time to speak to me everyday…he makes time to look at houses…and yes he managed to put a house under contract in SC.  So, if everything goes accordingly, we should be in South Carolina a lot sooner than anticipated.

He truly look at two houses, one was huge and with a huge price tag.  We wanted the builder to level the backyard and add a fence, and the builder refused to level the backyard, so we walked away. I mean, if I am willing to pay an enormous amount of money for some property the least the builder could do is make sure that the yard was usable!  So, their lost, not ours.

We then move on to house number two, not as fancy as the one previously seen, but bigger and closer to the town we love, Elgin. So, we made an offer and within that offer we asked for some upgrades. The builder was willing to do what we asked for, and we got the house under contract. Thrilled!

I don’t like to count my chickens until they hatch, but I am so excited and ready to be reunited with my spouse. This past two years in MS, just brought me so close to him, I miss him dearly. He is my strength, my friend, my support, the person I want to grow old with for sure! Cannot wait to get to SC, to make the house our new home and to begin creating more memories in our new place.

So, fingers crossed…hoping the Lord has everything under control and that things will move along great.  Here we come SC!!!


Latin Mama in the South



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