Lucky, the rescued puppy


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Hello fellow bloggers, I have some exciting news to share with you all.  Last Saturday, my wonderful son, woke me up at 6AM to go to the local animal shelter, in hopes to adopt a puppy.  Well, the puppy we had in mind, was already adopted by another person.  I asked the animal control officer if they had any other puppies.  She came back with a Sheppard Mix (at least that what they call the puppy).  We held the puppy, and immediately we said YES!

So, we have a puppy in the house, and her name is Lucky!  She is adorable, super high-energy and crate and potty trained!  Lucky is struggling getting along with the cats, I do hope that once she calms down, she may be able to be more tolerant.  For now, we let her lose in the house and we follow her around at all times. It’s a time-consuming task, but our cats are family members as well, so we want all the pets to be happy and most important safe.

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