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Yesterday, one of my son’s baseball friends came over for the first time. It was so much fun from the get go…the boy ended up spending the night with us (to tell you the truth they are all still in bed).  I had the idea of inviting him over, I am going to call him “L”, because since moving to MS, my boy has struggle bonding with people.

So, “L” came over and I fed all the teens, then we decided to go to the indoor batting cages where the boys hit some balls.  The bowling alley was right next door, so, they decided to go bowling…super fun to watch them all compete…competition was close but the “L” ended up kicking my teens’ butts.  After bowling, we decided to grab some ice cream and “L” mentioned he was in no rush to get home, so I asked the kids if they wanted to go back to the house. They all said yes!

Once we got home, I remember my corn hole boards, I just got them for my birthday. So, we introduced the kids to corn hole and we ended up playing for a couple of hours…it was so much fun…even daddy and I had a blast.  We played till dark…then we walk inside and we started watching the MLB draft.  I asked “L” to let me know when he wanted me to take him home or that he could spend the night if he wanted to.  Well, in less than 5 minutes he asked me if I was serious about him spending the night. I just smiled…I replied “Of course, silly”.  We asked him if he wanted to go home to grab some clothes and his baseball equipment. He said yes!

So he gathered all his things and we came back home…and it was a Wii extravaganza…needless to say that we stayed up way late.  It was an evening filled with laughter…I know Mr. J was sad that he had to go to sleep because he was going to work this morning…he wanted to hang out with all the kids some more.  It was a super fun night.  To hear my teens getting along super good, laughing and competing it was just super fun.

Now, I have to go wake them up…is 12:30 and I want to feed them good before they go to their baseball tournament.  It was a simple yet fulfilling evening.  Just some money for bowling and ice cream and that was it! Simple pleasures…often times we, as parents, stress too much about how to entertain our children…keeping it simple always work for us.

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