Love on your children, be understanding and supportive.

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice - Your Modern Family:

Think about those years, when you were a teenager.  Can you go back that far? I can, not all the way, somethings are a blurred others are clear.  I am sitting in my living room, watching the news about the assassinations of 3 police officers in Baton Rouge, trying to get my child up for a baseball try out.  He doesn’t want to go! He is dead set in one of the teams he tryout for yesterday…and the struggles explaining to him that we already gave our word that he would try out for the other team today, the struggles are real.  At the tender age of 14, he doesn’t see it that way!  So, it is a stressful morning, because I cannot pass in teaching him a life lesson.  If you say you are going to do something YOU DO IT!  Regardless of how hot it is (over 100 degrees), how tired you are, how much the team may such, it does not mater….your word is your word…the most important thing a man has!

Off he goes with his father, fussing, and angry…that is OK.  The point was made, and he got up, dressed up and showed up to the try out. As I sit here, I cant help but remembering how much I wanted to play volleyball when I was a teenager, I was good at it then, but my parents did not have it in them…for them it was not important, it was time-consuming and they did not have the money to pay for the travel, equipment, etc.  I always resented them for that…now that I carry my kids around so much, I can understand how it is a sacrifice, how not everybody can do it, is very costly and time-consuming, not to mention dealing with the kids attitudes and frustrations. But, I chose to be a mother for a reason, I want to give to my kids all I can, I want them to have experiences, positive and negatives, and I want to be around them all the way to guide them and to advise them.

Been a teenager is not easy, is the transition between been a little kid and becoming a young adult.  The responsibilities multiply, the hormones are going wild, testosterone is a scary shit…seriously!!! We, as parents, have to be very careful, we need to encourage instead of criticize, we need to support instead of walking away, we need to push them instead of allowing them to give up.  At the end it will make them a better human being. We have to create armor to protect our hearts because at that age, what comes out of the mouth of those teens are nothing but bullets, we have to understand that they are learning how to deal with uncomfortable situations…we cannot give up on them.  We are all they have.

This cruel place we called out home is crumbling, everything is damage, the world is not a better place.  Our castles, our homes are the only place we can surround our children with love and understanding.  Let’s take advantage of that, lets let our children be children for as long as possible.  I used to be mad because my kids were always at home instead of playing outside or hanging out with their friends. Well, that is not me anymore, now I cherished the fact that they are where I can see them, that they are not hanging out with the wrong crowd.  It is sad, but is the reality we have, the streets are more dangerous than ever…our safety is compromised…I rather have my kids with me than in places where radical people can end up harming them.

Hopefully times will change, but for now, I plan on just loving and guiding my children through the right path.  At some point I will have to let them go, but until them I will keep them under my watch.  No opportunities to become a casualties of the craziness going on out there.  This world is corrupt and sadly it seems as if its hitting to close for comfort.  Let’s love on our children, our future, our only hope. 

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