Lately I’ve been trying out new recipes, baking to be exact. Last night I finally decided to make some home-made pizza dough and bake my first pizza

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I got the recipe from a you tube channel I am subscribe to the recipe is by Laura Vitale and it came out pretty good. So, here is the link, in case you are brave enough to try it yourself.

I was satisfied with the dough, but not in love.  The family approved and they said I could make the pizza any time.  I was not in love with the dough because although it was crunchy like I wanted, there was some consistency issues. I have to modify  the recipe and see if I can make it more my taste…perhaps cooking at a lower temperature or adding extra salt to the dough…we’ll see. So, that was dinner and I was super thrilled that I was able to make home-made pizza…yes, I made the sauce from scratch too.

Another big topic in my household is the big possibility of another move (I said possibility because anything can happen, but we are 95% sure we will end up moving again, the questions is WHERE) We have 3 states we are flirting with, I only care about two of those states…but it seems that the State I care the less is the one that has more possibilities.  We just have to wing it till next summer and wait to see what happens.  

Obviously, I hear the word MOVE and I immediately start looking for houses.  I use the most. I like how the site has a full description of the houses and they do have great pictures as well.  Truth is, I so love my house in MS…finding a place that looks similar to our current home will be impossible.  I don’t mind downsizing, as long as I have a couple of the things we need to make our living space manageable. The contender states…one is super cold during the winter and the other too are hot as hell during the summer. I rather have the heat, but husband prefers the cold.  Two of the states are in the south and one state is up north.  Now, keep in mind we live in the SOUTH we LOVE the SOUTH…so…I know we will have a very difficult time adjusting UP NORTH.

At the end of the day, all I care is that my family is well taken care of. With more or with less, as long as we are together we can do anything. Emotions will be high no matter what. We have one child that wants to go back to what he knows at home…South Carolina. We have one child that wants to stay here in Mississippi.  I do not want to stay in Mississippi, I want to move somewhere with access to the ocean. Husband wants to go where he can make the most money. So, either way, no matter where we land…we will have to compromise.

The Delta Fair is going on this weekend, and people are talking a lot about it. I have no desire of going.  I went last year and I was not impressed and it was hotter than hell. I mean what do we expect right, we live in Mississippi.  The Delta Fair is held in Memphis, TN and you can expect lots of rides and fried food and some crafts.  So, if you are into that, and you are in the area…check it out!

Baseball is also happening, we don’t have any expectations to be honest. My boy is in a funk, he is 14…you know he is a “big boy” and he is thinking that baseball is not what he wants to do anymore.  I am trying to convince him to continue playing. We, as parents, fear that if he quits…he will have regrets later on. So, we are working in supporting his new adventures and his mood changes while we encourage his game.  Who knows, maybe this Fall will be last time I see my boy with a baseball uniform on…I plan on enjoying every minute of it.

My girl is busy with school and her advanced choir…and now she decided to audition for another choir (and I am thinking how in the heck am I going to juggle them kids activities and still have “me” time).  She is doing good in school, super good, all A’s…and she is showing anger over having 98’s instead of 100’s. Well, I keep telling her that A’s are good regardless of the percentage….but I am loving seeing her drive for better.  School continues to be her number one priority and I am very proud of her.

Hubs continue to work, and work, and work some more.  His life is work and his family.  He keeps on making sure all his family needs are taking care of, and he continues to love upon us with all his being.

So, we are blessed. We are far from perfect, but we try to live a normal life.  We are learning and accepting our children’s personalities.  We are learning to be more understanding and we are living life the best we can…TOGETHER.


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