Keys in Hand!!!

We have the keys!!! 17098682_1282456815163586_216260028449747238_n

We finally bought a brand new home in South Carolina.  We have the keys!!! Today they installed the new refrigerator and my new kitchen looks amazing.  That was a major step into our new adventure.  Now, in 10 days I will be driving to SC with all our wonderful pets and children. Well, let me rephrase that, Jason will be driving with JJ and the cats and then Janie and Lucky will be riding with me. So freaking happy!!!

Now, once we get to SC I have to get the kids settled in school and start making the new house our new home.  We were a little bummed out that we could not find a new brick construction in the area we wanted to move into, but I can care less about the brick part, I love my new southern home, is perfect, spacious and with a huge fenced-in yard for Lucky to destroy, I mean, enjoy 🙂

We have other things to buy and a house to sell in Mississippi, but I know God has everything under control, so no worries.  We will be together again, sooner than we planned, but it’s been too much time apart for the family.  We thrive when we are together, with all of our different personalities, likes and dislikes, so, we are very much ready to mingle every day again.

51068730445__5390D770-7D75-4327-9A50-1B9324E515C2 (1)Here is a picture of my new kitchen, I am just in love with it…so that is the reason I am sharing the photo with hubs mess, lol.  The kitchen is a big upgrade for me, the kitchen in MS is super cute but small, and the stove is electric and I love gas…so I got a brand-new gas stove in SC waiting for me.

I am so blessed…thank you, Lord, for making my wishes come true and for blessing me with the best family (not perfect, just great) anyone could ever have…


Latin Mama in the South

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