Journey to Human Resource Management

Nine months ago I began my journey into Human Resources Management.  Human Resources Management is defined as the policies, practices, and systems that influence employee’s behavior, attitudes, and performance.  Managing people is no easy task, however, studying all that’s involve it’s quite fascinating.  I have had the privilege of supervising a group of individuals, with very impressive backgrounds.  From that experience as a manager, I gathered that the key in properly managing people is not so much as whether they can do the work, is about providing the perfect environment and tools to accomplish the job.

Job satisfaction in the workplace is big, often times organization take job satisfaction for granted, risking losing really good and skilled employees; finding the perfect balance is the trick!  As I embark in this wonderful journey, I keep second guessing myself.  I mean, my background is law enforcement and investigations, it would’ve been so much easier to get a higher education in that field.  But, I wanted to re-invent myself, I wanted to prepare myself for something totally new for me.  So, after much research, and years analysis what I am good at, I chose Human Resources.

I enjoy dealing with people, conflict solving, and innovation. Finding the right candidate for a job is interesting to me, solving conflicts within the human resources world, would allow me to study pertaining laws, policies and regulations, to find solutions to conflicts, and I thrive on that.  Creating new ways of doing things, working with a diverse group of people, brainstorming, bringing new things to the table, that is priceless to me.

So, I am eager to start working in the human resources field. The idea is, as soon as I move back to South Carolina, to get a small job, preferably in payroll…just to get my feet wet in the HR world.  The goal is to climb to the top, not only based on my education but in my “know-how”.  At 42, I would have never guessed that I would be starting all over again, but I am excited! I will be a great asset to any organization, I am reliable, and I have the resume to back that up!  Let’s see what the future holds. This journey is just beginning.


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