I took a long break, and here is the reason why.

While I still have to maintain my Facebook business page, I said goodbye to my personal Facebook account in 2012 as my New Year's resolution & it truly does feel marvelous :):

I took a long break  from my blog.  Many things are happening, some pleasant, confusing, and chaotic.  Starting with the elections to family that I wish I could scratch off my life.  For those of you who have been following or just reading my blog our of curiosity, I am a very expressive and emotional individual. When Trump won the presidency, I was devastated.  I was devastated because I fear for some dear friends who happen to be in this country illegally.  Those friends’ only crime, thus far, has been entering the country the wrong way.  The do not receive food stamps or any government assistance.  They are good, god loving and fearing people. Because of them and the abusive and disrespectful things the President-elect have said about women, I could not vote for him.  Having said that, I would be thrilled if he continues to work with companies and organizations to keep jobs in the USA.

Taking more and more offline days now as a professional online writer. This is how I feel about it some days::

On my Facebook page, which I closed last night, I ranted and ranted about Trump.  I have to admit, he just brings the worst in me! You see, my Facebook page was mine, and mine only.  Yes, I have a husband and I have children, and they have their own social media.  What I say or do on my social media should not affect my family members in any way.  Apparently, people cannot keep their mouth shuts and mind their own business…even if they mean no harm, even if is something silly…what goes on my social media should not follow work places or other family members.  Well, obviously, the issue is one I cannot fully control, therefore I decided to deactivate my FB page.  So, I am currently dealing with FB withdraws.  I am sad that I cannot share my family pictures with my old FB friends and family, but I am happy that I can stop people from commenting in what goes on in my life.

Although I am one that is not afraid of speaking my peace, and facing the music when shit comes my way…I above all, will protect my family at all cost from stupid people who feel the need to have an opinion about anything and everything as well as people who thinks is funny to bring FB post to the work place. So, no more FB!

I have my Facebook deactivated, nice and quiet my Life!:

Things are getting real, changes coming our way, vacation a couple of weeks away, education,  a puppy that loves to play super rough, leaving the puppy at the kennel for two weeks (heartbreaking) and kids that are teenagers; dealing with teenage stressful life, break from baseball, new things, new plans, new ideas, etc.  Life is coming along well, is a cycle that continues to move and I am savoring every moment.  I am more in love than ever with my spouse, my relationship with my daughter is great and my son and I continue to have our goofy-loving bond.

When it comes to blogging, I always struggle having an “identity”, picking a theme.  Well, as all Gemini are, I have many things that I love, many ideas, and I hate to just pick one thing to blog about. So, I just randomly blog about whatever it is I have in my mind when I open my blog page.  Flirting with the idea of stopping it all together, but you see… good, bad or ugly…I like to write…and I like to read others blogs. So, we’ll see!

Now to the family issue, there is a family member on my husband’s side that I wish I could erase from my life.  I think that person is not deserving of my time or my families time for that matter. I have no respect for that person and we have nothing in common.  That person does like to read my blog, and I do not want to share what’s going on with my life with that person. Having a public blog means anyone can see what you post…so that is my dilemma.

Anyways, that is all I have happening in my life.  I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. I will be spending the holidays with family I love and I am super excited about that. Thanks for reading, any advice is welcome, criticism is welcome as well. Be blessed!

-Latin Mama in the South IMG_6613

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