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Meghan Donovan on Instagram: “Wise words for this Tuesday night // Sometimes you just need a good quote, am I right? #feedyoursoul” Yes.:

I have been known for cooking some goodies for my husband’s co-workers.  Some of them ended up becoming my best buddies.  I have to say that I do enjoy making goodies to share with others.  It started a while back, when I was working in the same place my hubby works.  I met this guys, some of them divorced, and it touched my heart. One day I found myself fixing dinner at home and thinking about those two particular guys, wondering when was the time they had eaten a home cook meal.

So, I talked to my hubby about it, and I decided to take them some lunch.  I remember I made some Puerto Rican beef stew and some white rice.  I gave it to the guys and they look at me, like WHY?  I just said, let me know if you like it.  They both cleaned the plates, well, one of them left the olives out…he did not eat olives.  My heart was filled with so much joy!

Later on, I started getting into baking quite a lot, and I started bringing Apple Pies, Cheesecake and Banana Puddings.  That,  they totally love!  Everybody got a taste of those and they look forward me bringing some more.  Before I left Columbia, SC… I made sure I made some more.  The last time I saw my dear friends, whom I stay in touch with, I said my goodbyes with sweets.

Moving to Mississippi, I did not have a desire to cook for anyone but my family.  Then one day, my hubby asked me if I could make a little something for a get together at work.  I agreed to it, and decided to go the easy route, make something I am comfortable with and I made the apple pies and banana pudding. It was a success!

Since the plant where my hubs work is closing, one of his employees made the following comment “I guess I am not going to eat your wife’s banana pudding again.” Of course hubs and I are devastated for those employees because they are losing their jobs.  Hubs asked me if I could make a banana pudding.  Of course, I said!  I made it and it turned out thick and delicious.  I make things from scratch maybe that is why people love my sweets.

This morning hubby took the banana pudding to work and he send me this picture…

13343043_1015584831850787_7968575617341268174_nAs soon as I saw that picture I was just so happy.  The employee who ended up loving the pie enough to be super vocal about it…I have not met him…but to know that I was able to make him happy for a couple of bites makes me happy.

Sometimes people misunderstand why I do the things I do…and to be honest I really don’t give a shit what people think.  For me, doing good things for others is important, so, I will keep on being who I am whether people likes it or not. The ones that love me will continue to do so…the other people…really don’t matter.

I feed my soul by feeding others, by listening when they want to talk, by cheering them when they are down.  Feeding my soul is what makes me the person I am today.  Is my way of paying forward.


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