I had a moment of fear, and I want to share it with the world.


"We must resist the urge to categorize and dehumanize":

My husband and I, never have time for just “the two of us”…we are always including the children in everything we do.  So, when we went to New Orleans, Jason and I decide to leave the kids in the hotel room and we went to the hotel’s bar.  I sat at the bar, have not done that in YEARS, and I enjoyed it!  It was just my husband and I, and we drank two Hurricanes.  I was happy and relax.

Well, my hubs, noticed I enjoyed that moment. So, the other day he asked me to go out for a couple of drinks on Friday (today).  I looked at him, and what came out of my mouth next not only surprised him, it surprised the hell out of me…I said, ” there are protests scheduled to take place this Friday.  I am a hot-head, I don’t want to get into anything with anybody, so let’s stay home.” Y’all that is so NOT ME!

Today, after learning about the tragedy in France…I am more certain I want to stay at home.  I am not necessarily scare of losing my life, I am scared of leaving my children parent-less.  That is my genuine fear!  It should not have to be like that. Why do we have to do things that affect others way of life? Why can’t we all get along? Why do we have to be involved in every single issue affecting the world? Why don’t we do us, for once? A month ago we were fearing ISIS, now we fear cops and anti-cops movement….really why?

I am a firm supporter of law enforcement, no matter what.  The reason being, is that those men and woman are out there risking their lives every single night so we can live in harmony.  There are “bad apples” everywhere, why treat the whole law enforcement community as a whole for the misbehaving of a couple? Makes no sense to me.

I just hope and pray that we learn to get along before is too late. Hold on to your faith, seek church in your life, grab that Bible your mom or grandma bought you a while back and start reading, try to live a life that is not only about you but about all of us.  Learn to find harmony, learn to respect others, learn to live like your great-grandparents lived….be happy, but also be humble and best of all…mind your own business…don’t do others wrong…live a genuine, healthy and peaceful life.

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