I am drunk…come assault me…Society says it’s OK!

Victims are often reluctant to report a sexual assault for a number of reasons, such as fear of retaliation, shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear that they will not be believed and lack of support.  ~ Corey Cook:

I am baffled at the news lately in regards to sexual assault cases going unpunished.  I’ve been trying to keep it hush, and be silent about it, but enough its enough.  We have had three recent cases, Turner, Wilkerson and Becker, three young Caucasian men that got away with assaulting women.

Brock TurnerBoulder County Sheriff's Office Austin WilkersonDavid Becker at his sentencing.

What message are we sending our youth? I guess we are telling young boys that they can go ahead and touch girls in their private parts whenever they feel like it. We are telling girls, that if they are touched in their private areas they better keep it hush because nothing is going to happen. When did that happen? Why are we letting those monsters walked away and continue with their lives like nothing happened? I hate making issues a racial thing…but I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happen if those young man were black, or Latinos.

We, as parents, must be failing, because when you think about it…if you are the mother of a son (and I do have a 14-year old son) and you know that your child sexually molested an innocent girl or boy…why would you defend him? Wrong is wrong! What are we teaching our youth? Do you even explain to your children what sexual assault is, consent, being intoxicated? I mean, if we as parents, fail to talk to our youngsters about those things, we are setting them up for failure.

Anything can happen, but like I said, I am the mother of a teenage boy and I have been preaching to him about consent, statutory rape and controlled substances such as alcohol.  God forbid, my child do something wrong to another person, at least, as a parent I know I have done my part. At least I can look at him in the eye and tell him, you knew better, wrong is wrong, No means No, and the person was not capable of giving consent because she/he was intoxicated…you were supposed to walk away.  Yes, the conversations are uncomfortable, and they get all embarrass, but as a mother, I can only hope that the message sticks to their brains.

Our judicial system has failed, and no one is doing anything about it.  Everyone is seating still, when I think we should be protesting those decisions. Those judges need to be held accountable for their actions, for their decisions in letting those young adult walk free after committing such a hideous crime. The lives of those young women will never be the same, they will feel ashamed, guilty and abandoned. In the mean time those monsters will go about their lives like nothing happen, like a little mishap in their upbringing…the hell with that!  They should be labeled as sex offenders, they should do time, and they should have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.  But no, they are going back to college like nothing happen. What a shame…

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