Hello August



Can you believe it, it’s already August!!! Wow…hard to believe, but yes, so goodbye July and hello August.  This month is promising, I have a child who is working towards getting her learner’s permit and I have a child who is going to start high school.  Changes and adjustments…kind of bittersweet knowing your children are not little anymore, they are becoming young adults and they soon will be facing though times.

One of the challenges we are dealing with is the moving or staying.  We are at a cross-road in our life and we have to decide where to go next.  Do we stay with the same company we have been since 2002 or do we try something new?  Do we stay in a place where we bought a beautiful home or do we start a new adventure? Decisions that will affect all of us…though ones…

In the past I was all about adventure, moving was like nothing to me.  To be totally honest I struggle adapting to just one place for more than a couple of years.  However, nowadays I find myself searching for stability.  I am ready to settle, and one thing I know for sure is that I do not want to settle in Mississippi.  I need the ocean, and we are too many miles away from it.

Possibilities are endless, there is a possible job in Florida, or here in Mississippi…maybe Columbia…but sadly the odds are more inclined to York, PA. I guess I can see some benefits to moving to PA, but the winter is so brutal…I can only imagine the nightmare of having to live there and deal with my psoriasis.  My skin can’t stand the cold, I am itching all the time and preventing sores is near impossible. All I can do is leave it in God’s hands…He always know best.

Moving is not something we had plan when we agreed to the move to MS.  We wanted to settle, at least till the kids finish grade school…it doesn’t look like its happening…but we don’t know for sure.  So, hello August…please be good to me and my family.  July you were so good, hot, and filled with activities…thank you!


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