It’s been a while since I dedicated some time to my blog.

Halloween just happened y’all.  Just when I thought my kids were not going to be dressed up, they did, just to drive to a friend’s house to scare her…and it work pretty good.  For the most part we just handed out candy to some little ones and enjoyed the company of each other.  Here is a picture of the kids.


On another note, I’ve been busy lately.  A lot is happening in the next months, and I decided to slowly start working on the inevitable. First and foremost, my studies are on point, it’s week 5 and all my school work is complete. Next week, I have two major assignments due, and I decided to work ahead and I have the final draft for one of the classes, and I also selected the idea for a business plan due next week as well.  Grades are super good, so I am highly motivated.


Secondly, my dog Lucky continues making adjustments to her new family.  She is doing great with the potty training, we recently purchased some door bells at Amazon.com.  We hung the bells in the front and back doors and when Lucky needs to potty she rings the bells.  She was scared in the beginning, but she has it all figured out now. One bad habit she seems to be hanging on to is the biting. Twice this week she bit my finger and she made it bleed.  I was very upset, and really did not know how to react to it.  I just placed her inside her crate while telling her “No”.  So, the biting is a problem, she likes to reach for the face area, so my fear is that she’ll end up biting one of the kids, and then she will be in DEEP trouble!  I need to do some reading to see how to make her stop biting. She does have plenty of toys, and she does play with them, but when she is overly excited, she starts jumping on people and biting what ever she can reach. So, it’s a work in progress! She is doing better with the cats, so that is good news.


Lastly, we have something coming, and I am cleaning and throwing away things we have not use since we came to Mississippi.  The Goodwill received a huge load yesterday-I should have had a yard sale, I would’ve made a lot of money! The load came from my closet…and my bathroom.  I mean, I am staying at home, and all those work-clothes were just there collecting dust, by the time I get back to work, those clothes would be too old or too small (lol). I still have furniture I want to get rid off, but I am waiting a couple of months before I do that. The kids closet is more challenging, one wants to keep every item of clothing and accessory she owns, while the other wants to get rid of everything that does not say NIKE or Under Armor or Adidas!!!!  Crazy kiddos!

So, that is pretty much what’s keeping me super busy.

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