Friday…make it a fun one!



Friday is here, Friday is here!!!

What does it mean to you?

To me, it means I have to rush to get a pedicure, then rush back to the store to get a new bed for one of our feline family members and also rush to the store to get my daughter some frozen pizza she can fix herself for dinner…because I will be at the baseball fields with my son.

Friday means that my hubs can relax for a few days, without having to make the long drive to work…which is awesome.

Friday also means hubs and I can stay up as late as we want watching Red Box scary movies, or recorded shows, or we can just go to bed early and wake up early on Saturday to hit the Farmer’s Market before the baseball game.

This Friday also means, that in 4 days my son will be turning 14 years old…which means that both of my kids will be 14 years old for a couple of weeks!!!

Friday means that God allowed us to survive another week in this crazy life.

Friday is good! So, I hope you enjoy your Friday….I am going to make the best out of my Friday!

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