Emotional Intelligence


IQ is not much in a social situation without EQ.  EQ is empathy.  Without empathy youre just an ego.  You aren't as smart as you think you are if you can't be kind to others.:

I am currently taking two required classes for my Masters Degree and one of the topics discussed this week is emotional intelligence.  How many of you have heard that term? Emotional Intelligence is, defined by Stephen P. Robins, the ability to detect and to manage emotional cues and information.

So, pretty much is a topic that was written in belief that leaders need to get in touch with their emotions and emotions of others to be able to effectively manage their workforce.  I like the concept, I think that understanding people and accepting their differences is a necessary tool to manage properly. Also, understanding our own emotions and biases can help us react to adverse situations in a professional, caring way.

After reading all the Chapter and the discussions created among the students, it became obvious that not all are on board with the concept.  Looking back at my past careers I was able to determine that emotional intelligence is something I have always use when dealing with people.  It made my life so much easy!

If you are in a leadership position, find the time to become familiar with emotional intelligence, apply the concept, and then analyze if it’s an effective way to manage your employees.

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