Currently I am…

  • Thinking that in exactly two months I will be travelling to Puerto Rico.  Spending Christmas in PR, enjoying the ocean, the family and the amazing food…priceless!
  • Figuring out when to cook the bacon for the BLT’s I am making for today’s dinner.
  • Loving how much JJ loves our new dog.
  • Thinking about some things I order from Amazon, the wont get here till Monday and I am super excited!
  • Reading, Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks, slow reading, I have so much to read for school I hardly have any free time to read.
  • Mentally preparing myself for a major clean up!  Goodwill get ready, bringing you lots of stuff!!! Wish I had the courage to do a yard sale, but I do not!
  • Staring at my kitchen, I wish it was as big as the one in the SC house.  My next house WILL have a BIG kitchen again!

That is my currently…well, just what I want to share with you all.  I have some amazing news…coming soon!!!


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