Coffee Lovers…Have you tried Puerto Rican coffee?

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Today is National Coffee Day, so I decided to share with you all my favorite brands of coffee.  I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and we drink as much coffee as most people drinks water. In Puerto Rico we like our coffee with milk and sugar. We drink it first thing in the morning and throughout the day, as much as possible.

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Coffee make its debut in Puerto Rico in the 1700’s.  At the time the sugar industry was strong and coffee took a back seat production wise. By the end of the 1800’s the island produced more than a millions pounds of coffee a year. Puerto Rico’s climate is perfect to grow coffee, however, finding people to pick the coffee has proven difficult. It is a labor of love, not everyone has the skill set, stamina and desire to pick the goods.

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I still have the image of my grandmother making coffee the old fashion way, as shown on these picture. The aroma was so strong and the coffee was delicious.

Puerto Rico continues to produce coffee. Locals prefer the following brands: Cafe Yaucono, Cafe Lareno, Cafe Crema, and Cafe Rico.  Coffee is making its come back, more and more Puerto Ricans are growing coffee and other local products and exporting them to the world.

In Arecibo, my hometown, the major has decided to work the land and produce goods for local consumption. The idea came about after he took office and discovered that the town was in financial distress.  Among some of the products produced in Arecibo, Cafe Arasibo was introduced the locals and it immediately became one of the favorites.  I was lucky enough to have my cousin send me some Arasibo coffee and we loved it!

Puerto Rican coffee is no joke, is for coffee lovers, the coffee is vert strong, aromatic and delicious.  If you wish to purchase Puerto Rican coffee I would suggest you go online and place an order. Here is a link to my favorite online store, where you can purchase products that are staples in Puerto Rican cuisine.

Lastly I want to share with you the three ways Puerto Ricans take their coffee:

Cafe con leche: It’s like a latte with a dollop of milk in a larger cup.

Cafe cortadito: Pretty much like Cuban Coffee, an espresso layered with steamed milk.

Espresso: brewed in an espresso machine, black. If you prefer the espresso, and you happen to be in the island, ask for a “pocillo”, another name used for espresso in PR.

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Puerto Rican coffee picker

And that was my little contribution for the coffee lovers who were not aware of the good coffee produced in an US territory, give it a try, you will be HOOK!

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