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Today I got the cleaning bug and I started cleaning, randomly all over the place.  Then I stopped myself, I just reminded myself I am not in my 20’s anymore, so I picked three areas in the house and I devoted my attention to those areas.

I started in my bathroom, the joys of having a BIG bathroom…well, it means more dust gets accumulated and more junk lands on top of the countertops, etc. So I scrubbed and dusted, swept and mopped…and it looks beautiful!

From the bathroom I moved to the laundry room.  A comfortable size room, where we keep one of the litter boxes for our cats. The room was messy and a little dust.  It is the entrance to the house from the garage, so, it seems that when we carry stuff inside somehow we always manage to leave stuff in the laundry room that does not belong there…like baseball hats, gloves, Gatorade, etc.  So, the room is cleaned and organized…I am pretty sure our feline family members appreciate that!

Last, I stepped into the garage.  A double garage…where we keep my car and our riding lawn mower. We also keep all of my hubby’s power tools, wood working tools, coolers (because it seems we want to have a cooler in every size possible!) The garage is a work in progress…I did opened up some areas, rearranged the freezer and the other cooking gadgets we only use once or twice a year, like the turkey fryer pot thingy.  I hosed down the area and it looks much better. However, we still have some boxes, a collapsed shelve from my closet, which is trash…some chairs I want to trash as well…those items were moved to the front of the garage.  Once a month we can place trash items in front of our home and the county comes and pick it up…well…the stuff was stuffed in the back and it never made it to the curb.  Now, is just ready to go!  It looks so much better!!!!! I cannot wait for the hubby to get home so he can see all the progress I made.

That was my day…tomorrow I planned on tackling some additional areas or I may just work on my flower beds.  Well, they look like weeds took over…flowers are dead with the exception of a rose-bush. I have to remove all the weeds and I plan on getting all the old mulch out and cover the area with the mesh to prevent weeds from growing wild.  Then I may trim the bushes and perhaps plant more roses. It seems like the roses are low maintenance and is the only flower I managed not to kill. Yeah, that sounds like a plan…we’ll see…I will do that as long as the temperature is below 100!!!

What about you? What have you accomplished today?

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