Cats Misbehaving and…

How much longer does I need to sitz in "Time Outz"?:

Dear Lord…my day started so bad I should have stayed in bed ALL DAY.  Let’s see…it started at 3AM, when I got out of bed to use the potty…Someone had left a spray bottle, half-filled with water on my nightstand.  I grabbed the bottle on my way to the bathroom, when all of a sudden the spray bottle flies out of my hands…landing on the floor.  Mind you is DARK…and all of the sudden I realized…I still have the top of the bottle in my hands…so water spilled everywhere…I got on my knees and started searching for the stupid bottle…could not find it…I could hear the water gushing out of the bottle…I did not have a choice but to turn the light on in the bedroom to see where the mess was taking place.  Finally grabbed the bottle, it was already empty…waking my husband up…and having to answer to him why I was turning the light on…I was pissed…then…I go use the bathroom…then grabbed a towel and placed it on the carpet to soaked as much water as possible…all this…while butt naked…I was so frustrated…I went back to bed.

At 10AM, I decided to jumped out of bed…I woke up in a pretty good mood.  I started my walked out of my bedroom and as I was coming out from the hallway I noticed one of the cats had a little “accident”…there was a little poop on the floor…I figure it got stuck and the cat did not know it…no big deal…I can clean that.  Then I look to my left, and I see a big stain on the floor…I mean it was a large spot…I walked the are in question and I see that it was cat poop…smeared on the floor…then I am pissed!!!! I was like how in the hell that happened…It was just outside of the litter box too….I am mad! I went to bed at 1AM…and the floors were cleaned…so…it happened while I was asleep. My mind started wondering…so, I go into the laundry room, were the other litter box is placed…and I see the biggest mess of all.  The cat, we believe is Pinky (Janie’s cat) pee outside of the box…that only happens when the cat is trying to get our attention.  I AM SO MAD.  Anyways, I walked out of that mess and look at the cats food and water bowls…and sure enough the water was empty.  So, I figure the cats were mad at us humans for not taking care of the water bowl.

Nothing to do but to hurry and clean the mess…but I am super angry.  I start with the laundry, because the cat urine gets in between the tiles and it needs to be super-duper scrubbed. I grabbed the cleaning brush and I see the CLOROX.  I grabbed the CLOROX and I start pouring it directly on the floor…I see fizz and bubbles…I am like, Oh cool, this is going to clean it real good.  I poured and poured…the next thing I know…I can’t breath…I have fat tears rolling down my cheeks…I am screwed…I freaked out!!! I mean the kids are inside the home too, Janie is sleeping…I was scared I was going to harm myself and the kids.  I grabbed the bucket fill it up with water and grabbed the mop and stat mopping the bleach away.  It got worst and worst…by then I have taken my shirt off to soak as much bleach as possible.  I yelled for JJ to change the water for clean water…of course my nonchalant son…asked me…what did you do? I look at him and replied I poured bleach and I poured too much.  He rushed outside to get me clean water…I instructed him to turn fans on and to open windows…Janie is still in bed…I am concerned…so I am frantically cleaning the mess…I managed to get most of the bleach out but the smell is awful…so I have fans going and windows opened. I yelled for Janie…she finally responds…I explained what I did and she is like “Ok, mama” and goes back to sleep.

After the mess was cleaned…I refilled the cats water and food and I decided to clean the plantation shutters in the dining and living room.  That was a pain in the but…cleaning one by one…in doing so…I tripped over the phone charger…thank God I did not bust my ass!

Then I’ve been thinking about moving a canopy from the living room to the garage…why was the canopy in the living room? That’s another story. Anyways…I grabbed the bag, it is a normal size canopy…we use when we go to baseball to keep the sun away. The thing is heavy…I grabbed the damn thing…and I step in the wet floor, slid and hit the corner of the wall with the corner of the canopy…yeah…the dent is intense.  I am freaking out…thinking how mad I am going to make my husband.  I grabbed the phone text him…explained what happened…he is not responding… I am freaking out…I text some more…he still not responding…I text him one more time saying “I am sorry” “I promise I will go to Home Depot to learn how to fix the wall and fix it”…he text back “In a meeting”. Well, when he text he is in a meeting I breath again…I know that if he is in a meeting that means he cannot respond.  So, I calm down for a couple of minutes…then he calls…I stop breathing again.  I explained to him what happened and he is not showing any anger, so I am thinking I just got lucky…he is not in a funky mood.  Then he asked me, how bad is it?…I stop breathing again…I said, “I sent you a picture”….he respond…”I haven’t seen it”…I was like “Oh, crap”. That was the end of the conversation. I will have to wait till he gets home to get his full reaction.

In the mean time I decided to sit down and do nothing because obviously today is my clumsy, nothing goes right kind of day!!!!

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