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We moved to SC about three weeks or so ago, so far, it’s been great!  The first week was a little rocky with one of my teens.  She thought her so-called friends were going to be there for her, and it was not like that.  At the end, everything worked out and she acquainted herself with some old friends and gained some new ones.

Out of the three weeks or so we have been here, we have had teenagers spending the night three weekends already.  It can get heck it, but I would not have it any other way.  I love cooking for them and giving them a safe environment where they can have fun and be comfortable.

This past weekend we decided to try one of the disc-golf courses in the area.  It was not a good experience, but we did it together and exchanged laughter in the process.  The course was not properly maintained, therefore we ended up with some scratches, lost a disc, and did not finish the course.




Lucky was thrilled to be out in the woods, she looked so adorable, sniffing and trying to decide which way to go.  Sadly, she is just as stubborn as her owner, so, she has to stay on a leash.  We haven’t been able to teach her to respond when we call her name. Jason has tried, me-not so much!  So, when we go out, I take her with us as much as I can, she has to stay hook to her leash.  She still had fun and it was better than staying home all alone.


JJ continues to play a little baseball, nothing fancy or competitive, just a little recreational baseball to get him back on te groove.  He plans on trying out for the high school baseball team, we will see what happens then.  He has grown so much, and is so strong…it never ceases to amaze me how much kids change when they hit teenager-hood.

I am pleased to say that so far things are going great!  We love it in SC, and we are thriving and savoring every bit of Carolina we get.  We never know what the future holds, but as for me, I am enjoying my now and I am making the best of it.


Latin Mama in the South

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