Cardboard Boxes Gone!!!!

Finally, I can say that 90% of the cardboard boxes are out of my house.  Last Saturday, when I returned home from dropping J off at her driving lessons, I decided to load my car up with as many cardboard boxes as possible.  Needless to say that it took five trips to the dumpster to clear the garage from empty boxes.  We still have a few boxes, some still full, and some that I have emptied this last two days.  The house is looking more like a home now.

We also hung some pictures, mirrors and house decorations.  Oh, we also hung some plants, spider plants to be exact, on the front porch and they look lovely.  It was a busy Saturday, that’s for sure, we got a lot done.  Now, I am just waiting for my new dining room chairs to arrived, then I can take a picture to show you all my gorgeous table.

The next items I am looking for are for the entryway…so far Wayfair and World Market has been my to-go places for this new adventure.

How was your weekend? Was it a productive one? Share it with me…


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