Back to School in MS

Quotes for middle school classroom:

I can’t believe the kiddos are back to school today.  It was an uneventful morning, they both woke up at 6AM and were ready to go…in the mean time I was just staring at them…wow…where did time go? Both of my teens are in high school now, today was JJ’s first day of high school and I know he was secretly happy that his sister is a sophomore and she promised mama she would keep an eye on the him…lol.


I tried not to bother them much, I fed them, we sat in the living room and watched the news and I did remind,  both of them, how much their grades matter now.  That GPA needs to be a certain number if they want to have choices later on.  Janie already knew the speech…JJ was looking at me like “Oh, here we go again”…well, it is my job to remind them of the reasons we do what we do in life.  High school is about making good choices, thinking about your long-term goals, high school is fun with a price.

Lastly, I drove them to the curve…where we waited for their bus.  As soon as they got out of my car…my eyes filled up with tears, they were bittersweet tears.  After enjoying the summer with them I had to let them go, and as they walked away from the car…I remember when they were in elementary school…how innocent they were back then…today…I just saw a young man and woman facing the world. May God bless them always, may God lead their ways, may they stay humble and opened to learning and new experiences, may they always know they can count on mama and daddy eternally.

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