Back to Reality

What an amazing two weeks! I had a great time in PR with my family and friends.  I still couldn’t see all the friends I intended to see, but I did manage to spend good, quality time with family.

Now, I am back home, trying to get things back to normal.  Today was really difficult, after buying some needed groceries, I picked up my puppy from the place where she was staying. I was so happy to see her, but I was also concerned.  Lucky did not look relax, and “normal”, she looked very stressed.  She was happy to see me, but something was not quite right.  I drove home and she wanted to be on me the whole time.  I tried to comfort her, but she was crying and needy.  After hours, she started showing signs of normal. She was playing with a few of her toys, started jumping on the couch, etc. I still see her stressed, and I so regret leaving her behind.

Kids are also back to school. My girl is taking 1 AP class and on top of that she decided to signed up for Chemistry and Algebra 2…I know she will get good grades, I just hate to see how much stress she is bringing upon herself. She has a plan, and she wants to stick to up, all I can do is support her and help her when I can.  The boy, well, the boy said he had a good day…I just can’t help but wonder if it was a good day socially or academically…although I am willing to bet my money that he was describing his social game.

We finally exchanged Christmas presents. I was not expecting anything, after all, the trip to PR with all the expenses paid was my gift, but the family surprised me with a Keurig, and that made me super happy. JJ got his XBOX 1, Janie got some BOSE headphones and Jay, well Jay got some things too.  Now, that Christmas is behind…Oh wait…I still have Three Kings Day…I better get shopping some more…OMG!

Next week…somethings will change…and I cannot wait…so, stay tuned!!!



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