As I listen to the bird’s chirps…and the rain falling…

I can’t help but to smile,  my mind took my back to SC…to the beauty of the Carolinas.  I can’t help but wonder what Lucky’s reaction would be when she first encounter a squirrel.  What is my puppy going to do with all the backyard to run around?  I can imagine my puppy smiling big, running and digging, then running some more.  Now that the new house is all fenced in, I can have my Lucky free from her leash.  

I am also trying to decide what flowers/plants I want to plant in the new place.  I am eager to start our vegetable garden (only tomatoes, peppers and zucchini), and all the possibilities of having a huge fenced in backyard.  Hubs and I have some ideas to expand the patio area, we just have to decide whether to hire someone to do the work ourselves (I am getting a bit older, so my desire to do heavy work is pretty much none, but, we’ll see). 

There are some silly priorities I have when I get to SC.  I must indulge in some ribs from Ronnie’s Ribs in Elgin, I also need to have some fried chicken from Rush’s and get my groceries from the IGA or Elgin’s Food Lion. Yes, somethings will never change! I love the staff at those two grocery stores, so why change it. 

I am looking forward seeing my new home for the 1st time, although I found the house online, I have yet to see it in person.  Hubs and I have been together for a while now, so he knows what I like and dislike, so I trust him 100 percent. After all, he found our home in Mississippi and he did an outstanding job! 

But, most of all, I am looking forward to having my husband with us.  It does not matter how strong a person is, a husband/father belongs with his wife/children. We are all looking forward to our togetherness and to start our new chapter in SC.  Once we are settled, I know it will take months for that, I do hope to see the mountains and maybe even the beach, like a weekend getaway.  We just have to pray our house in Mississippi will sell within a reasonable time, so we have one thing less to worry.

A lot os happening this year, like I know the year is going to go so quick.  The move, Janie’s 16th birthday, JJ getting his permit, hopefully, a new job for me…I mean that’s a lot…a lot of things coming our way…and we are truly blessed.


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