Amazingly messed up

Wow, elections are finally over, and I must say, they got the worst out of me.  I am a passionate woman, no doubt, I am Puerto Rican, so there is that. I am not a Trump supporter, as a matter of fact, I am totally against him. Having said, he is the new President, and I should respect that.  My belief does not give me the right to insult people who actually supported him. So, that is that.

Now, I think that we should respect our Democracy and allow Mr. Trump to do his job, and hope he will do a good job for this country and the people who lives in it.  I also believe that some changes are needed.  I believe that popular vote should be the way to go.  Every vote should count. So, for the next elections, there should be some modifications and allow all the votes to count.

My hope is that Trump will respect all Americans.  Including their religion and freedom of speech. I also hope that he gets rid of NAFTA and that he gets rid of Obamacare.  I am praying that he will find a path to citizenship for all the illegal, decent-not criminal illegal aliens who are already in the country. I hope families are not split. People fail to understand that most of the children born here from illegal immigrant only recognize the USA as home, some do not even speak any other language than English. Why make them pay for a mistake they are not responsible for? Anyways…that is my hope.

Keep in mind that it does not do us any good, as a country, to protest, bitch, moan and complaint. What its done, its done. It is what it is! Let’s move on, let’s live in harmony.

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