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This week I want to share somethings I am proud of, silly things that I have had on my mind for a while now.  First of all being a stay-at-home mom is not as rewarding as one may think.  Yes, your hubs appreciate all you do, your kids thank you for all you do…yes, those moments are rewarding but, is not like you get a raise every 6 months, or that you get an award, or that you get a certificate of achievement (lol)…that does not happen at all when you stay at home caring for your family and for the house.

So, I decided to list my accomplishments since I became a stay-at-home mom.  I am very proud of the fact that I have not lost my cool. I am not the stay-at-home material.  I like to get up and dress up to go to work.  I like getting paid for work and I particularly enjoyed going shopping on pay day…obviously that does not really happen anymore. Now, when I go shopping is for groceries…I have no need for a new pair of shoes or make up or that perfect bag…I still struggle with that…but…I am OK with it. 

Another accomplishment is that I have managed to keep the house clean and organized.  It requires work every day and I am not obsessing over it.  There are some things I still hate to do and I don’t do them as often as I should…like vacuuming.  Sometimes I find myself secretly looking for a misbehaving kid so they can vacuum 🙂

I also have been mowing the grass, granted is a riding lawn mower…and in the beginning I was kind of angry about doing that…but I am trying to alleviate anything my hubs do in the house because I do not want him putting stress on his ailing back.  Mowing the grass is fun if you do it when the sun goes down…we have a pretty steep hill in the back of our yard and I managed to mow most of it…but there is a few areas that my hubs have to do…I fear the mower is going to tip over, just a silly fear…I will conquer that entire hill soon.

Cleaning the oven….I finally got it done this week…I hate cleaning and scrubbing that oven.  A while back I was baking a pecan pie and I did not have the liner on the bottom of the oven and the pecan pie drippings made an unbelievable mess.  Lazy me, instead of cleaning it as soon as the pie was cooked…I let it sit…so when I sprayed the Easy-Off…I prayed hard…and sure enough Easy Off did the trick.  I still had to scrub a little but not as much as I would have had to if I did not have Easy Off.  So…major accomplishment!

The accomplishment I am most proud of, is not going off on my son’s baseball coach.  The coach is very knowledgeable of the game. I mean back in the day he was drafted by a MLB team…he got injured and that was the end of that. So, he knows all there is to know about baseball. However, he has his favorite players and those are the ones that get to play.  It does not matter if they screw up, if they do not show up for practice, they will always play. So, bitter mom here, my son has not been playing…at all…I have sat every practice and every game…watching as my son gets crushed by the fact that the coach, I guess thinks my boy is not good enough, hell, I don’t even know…because the coach is not approachable.  It’ll be nice if we knew the reason for his decisions when it comes to my boy. Talking about the issue could be very lengthy…I am not going to rant too much.  I am just proud that I did not go off on the coach.  That I kept my Puerto Rican temper under control…that is my biggest accomplishment this week.

What have you accomplished lately?


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