Accept and support their dreams

A GREAT reminder...especially for those doing nothing but rushing and rushing through life. Take time with your awesome kiddo's...before you know it they just aren't little anymore :( I love all 3 of my babies to death...couldn't imagine life without them <3:

This is a difficult time…you become a mother and all of a sudden you do not exist any longer…your dreams and desires are gone…replaced for the caring and loving of your child.  All of the sudden you begin to guide your child, through what you hope is the right path. Years will passed…

After many years of losing yourself to motherhood…you are slapped…with the realization that your children will choose their own path.  That the path you lead them through… is no longer what they want or need.  How do you let go? I don’t know…you pray…you hope that you taught them right from wrong and that all the walls they are about to slam their faces into…will prepare them for the future.

I am at that cross road…and I am totally lost…a bomb was dropped last night…one that shattered me…and that is OK.  I just need to move on and find a new meaning to my life.  I have to cross that road…I just need to find which way to go. God has my back…and He will lead my way…He will help me embrace this new chapter in our lives…In the mean time….I will continue to be here for whenever my children need me…

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