25 days to go…

WOW!!! Just 25 days…25 days and the kids and I will be on our way to South Carolina.  Exciting times!!! Stressful too!!! In just 16 days we should be closing in a house (if everything goes according to plan)…and in 25 days we will listing our house in Mississippi (hoping for a quick sale).  The rush is not something I love, this hurries up and wait game is not made for me.  I just want to grab everything and move, but then I remember that I do have really good seats to see Bon Jovi in Memphis, TN. So, I better calm down.

Today my honey send me some pictures about some of the things we added to the new house, like the fence, the gas stove and the tile backsplash in the kitchen.  The kitchen y’all, it’s huge and beautiful. I am already envisioning myself cooking with gas again, just like I did back in Puerto Rico, I cannot wait! I will be thrilled when I am back in a BIG kitchen.  The house in Mississippi is gorgeous, but for some weird reason the kitchen is small, I miss having a large kitchen!

This past weekend, we cleaned the attic and the garage and I was able to sell some things that have been seating in the garage for the last two years. I love to have things neat and organize, but with teenagers making messes, cats doing whatever they want and a new puppy who thinks she rules the house, it’s very hard to keep it tidy 24/7.

Another reason I am excited is because I want to go back to work, yes I want an amazing job, with good pay, but I am so desperate to get back to work that I would not mind taking a little job while something better comes my way.  Everything is in God’s time, I can want all I want, He will give me just want I need.  So, that is my update…let’s keep being positive and thinking about the blessings God has sent our way.  We all have been blessed, sometimes we just have to stop and look around to see all the amazing blessings we have received.


Latin Mama in the South   cropped-cropped-cropped-12592198_937318773010727_1105271200218765032_n.jpg

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